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Wish we had read all the reviews posted on the internet from former Lake Orion Roofing customers before we hired Lake Orion Roofing this past summer. We too are not satisfied with not only the work Lake Orion Roofing performed, but the lack of professionalism exemplified by Lake Orion Roofing once we made our concerns known to them.

Lake Orion Roofing did no return our calls for weeks at a time and never did make a good faith attempted to address our concerns with their workmanship. Hence, we were forced to spend even more money by hiring another company to correct the issues and get the job finished correctly.

We never did receive a return call from the owner of Lake Orion Roofing despite several attempts. They won't get any more business from us, and if I have any say, my neighbors won't consider them either.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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It's yours Dale. Own it.

No mistAken identity here!


Oh, yes. Lake Orion Roofing in Lake Orion, Michigan located on Brown road.

You would appreciate a call? Why?

You never returned the calls I made to you in the past.

Own it.


I noticed that you live in PA and I am wondering if there is a Lake Orion Roofing Company in PA or if you are reporting a bogus complaint against a company that you in fact have not done business with. I would appreciate a call @ 248 393-0055 if in fact you had work done by Lake Orion Roofing Inc., that is located in Lake Orion Michigan.

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